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Since the establishment of Ouzhi Technology Trading (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. in 2014, the C2C model is transforming into a cross-border e-commerce provider of B2B and B2C models,
And professionally dedicated to the oral medical care industry, with more than 20 years of quality technical management team and 15 years of sales experience sales team, facing Japan, South Korea and other countries
Cross-border e-commerce and domestic cross-border e-commerce provide effective sales solutions, providing low-cost hot-selling electronic products and daily necessities, FMCG.
Company Culture
Responsible for the EC Marketing Department, has cooperated with a number of cross-border e-commerce companies in Japan and South Korea to provide China's domestic small and small electronic products and FMCG products, covering hundreds of categories of products. In the future, we will continue to provide cross-border e-commerce to countries and continue to provide explosive sales products and sales solutions.
Li Minghao
The technicians with 20 years of high-precision production technology provide solutions for difficult technical problems for automobile manufacturers, mold manufacturers and electronic product manufacturers. At the same time, VE/VA proposals are provided to effectively reduce the cost of manufacturers.
Corporate Information
Set up time
April 21, 2014
Credit Code
Unified social credit code
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Nature of business
Trade (wholesale industry)
Business Scope
E-commerce, domestic trade
And the import and export of goods and technology
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